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AKG - DMS70 Dual Instrumental
AK DMS70DUALINSTRUME The DMS70 Wireless Microphone Dual Instrument Set is a professional digital 2.4GHz wireless system for worldwide license-free operation. It provides uncompressed studio quality and a ruler-flat frequency response.
The included DPT70 [...]
319,00 €
AKG P220 - Microfone Condensador de Estúdio
AK P220 PROFESSIONAL PROJECTS For Project Studios and Stage The P220 is a large-diaphragm true condenser microphone offering a warm and clear sound for lead vocals, acoustic guitar and brass instruments. A switchable bass-cut filter and [...]
166,00 €
AKG-D5 Pack ( Mic+Cabo+Suporte)
AK D5PACK Este pack inclui: Microfone AKG D5 e respetiva bolsa de transporte, Cabo XLR (5m), Suporte de microfone, Cachimbo.

125,00 €
BY FOX Professional USB Studio Microphone 24 Bit 96 kHz studio grade quality as in professional recording studios Accurate signal conversion by a large diaphragm condensor capsule Headphone output with Zero Latency Monitoring Mute button [...]
155,00 €
BEYERDYNAMIC TG I50d - Microfone dinâmico [...]
BY TG150D Beyerdynamic TG I50 d - microfone para instrumento dinâmico, cardióide Î O equilíbrio perfeito entre um som poderoso e excelente aptidão para o palco faz do I50d TG um microfone muito versátil.

125,00 €
109,00 €
BY TGV35DS Dynamic microphone (supercardioid) for vocals, with On/Off switch The reliable and rugged all-around TG V35d s model is a dynamic vocal microphone that is perfect for beginners.  Its natural sound that is typical for beyerdynamic and [...]
45,00 €
LD - D 1014 C USB
LD D1014USB USB STUDIO CONDENSER MICROPHONE The D1014CUSB is a universal condenser microphone with USB connector, which does not need any drivers. It is compatible with both Windows and MAC OS X. This microphone features a cardioid pickup pattern and a [...]
95,00 €
LD - D1010 Menphis Style
LD D1010 The D1010 "Memphis" is a super cardioid microphone with perfect performance and classic styling- Although its cool, retro looks are based on classic microphones from the "Golden Age" of Rock and Roll music, this microphone [...]
85,00 €
LD Systems - D1012 C
LD D1012C CONDENSER MICROPHONE Because the D1012C is a small diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone with a wide frequency range, it can be used for a variety of studio and live applications such as micing acoustic guitars, percussion instruments, [...]
115,00 €
LD Systems - D1102
LD D1102 CONDENSER INSTRUMENT MICROPHONE The D1102 is a versatile condenser microphone for the stage and studio. Its compact dimensions, excellent frequency response, switchable low cut and level attenuation make this microphone ideal particularly [...]
65,00 €
LINE 6 - Relay G10
L6 RELAYG10 Wireless is expensive and complicated. We have all been to a gig when the wireless has cut out or something has gone wrong. Normally this is to do with complicated setups that just get confused and fall apart. To battle this Line 6 have come [...]
155,00 €

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