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BOSS - VE-8 Acoustic Singer
BO VE8 For singer/songwriters who play acoustic guitar, it’s a competitive, crowded world out there. The VE-8 Acoustic Singer delivers that extra edge you need to stand out and shine, supporting you with professional BOSS sound every time you [...]
344,00 €
BOSS - AD-2 Acoustic Preamp
BO AD2 SOM ACÚSTICO NATURAL EM QUALQUER LADO Com o AD-2 Acoustic Preamp, os guitarristas electro-acústicos podem ter a experiência de um som natural com qualidade de estúdio em qualquer palco em que toquem. Equipado com [...]
119,00 €
BOSS - Blues Driver Waza Craft
BO BD2W Pedal geeks rejoice for today is a grand day for us all! Yes the time has come for us to cease our obsessive web trawling, seeking 'the one' pedal that just won't pop up on internet auction sites.. EVER!! Boss have released the [...]
133,00 €
BOSS - CE-2w
BO CE2W Launched in 1976, the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble was not only the world’s first chorus effect pedal, but also the very first BOSS pedal. Three years later, this inventive new sound was squeezed into the blue CE-2 Chorus, and chorus pedals have [...]
205,00 €
BOSS - CP-1X Compressor
BO CP1X Powered by BOSS’s MDP technology, the CP-1X is a new type of multiband compressor for guitar that preserves the character of your instrument and technique for unlimited musical expression. Intelligent processing analyzes your signal in [...]
149,00 €
BOSS - DD-500 Digital Delay
BO DD500 The new ultimate delay pedal is here. The Boss DD-500 takes their years of research in creating both digital and analogue effects to make one of the most versatile delay pedals available today. With 12 delay modes, MIDI connectivity, multiple [...]
309,00 €
BOSS - DS-1 40th Anniversary
BO DS140TH The DS-1 Distortion was introduced in 1978 as part of the second wave of compact pedal releases. Its hard-edged attack and smooth sustain was an instant success among guitarists, going on to fuel the signature sounds of numerous rock [...]
60,00 €
BOSS - DS-1X Distortion
BO DS1X The Boss DS-1X Distortion is the modern evolution of a pedal that has remained an untouched classic for decades. Boss haven't been dormant in that time though: the new DS-1X features the very cutting edge of Boss technology to ensure [...]
143,00 €
BO ES5 The Boss ES-5 is the answer to your pedalboard tap dancing fears. Everyone has a pedalboard it's hard to be a gigging guitarist without one. Unfortunately tap dancing on pedals to get your next tone is still a problem a lot of people suffer [...]
449,00 €
BO ES8 With people wanting to control more of their sound through their pedals it has lead to an epidemic of tap dancing on pedals. Although a mighty fine jig can look great on stage while changing sounds it would be much easier if you could control [...]
689,00 €
BOSS - EV-30
BO EV30 BIG EXPRESSION IN A SMALL FOOTPRINT For pro expression control in a compact package, there’s no better choice than the BOSS EV-30. Its small footprint is perfectly suited for cramped pedalboards, while the die-cast aluminum chassis [...]
97,00 €
BO GT1 Ultra-portable and easy to use, the GT-1 delivers pro-level tones everywhere you play. Driven by the powerful BOSS GT-series engine, it gives you access to a huge selection of world-class amps and effects for all types of music. A streamlined [...]
166,00 €

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